We're continually investing in new technology to ensure that we are—literally—on the cutting edge in sheet metal fabrication.

One of the latest additions to our extensive equipment line has been a state-of-the-art water jet, which has significantly expanded our capabilities. With its 5 x 12 table and ability to cut through material up to 5” thick, the installation at our Orlando shop has enabled us to create more intricate and unique designs.

In addition, its dynamic head technology ensures a closer tolerance, providing a quicker and more precise cut. The resulting product is cleaner, leaving a finished edge that needs no secondary finishing.  And while our laser machines can be used only for stainless steel, the water jet can handle granite or glass jobs, and is suitable for jobs of any size.

A second water jet coming soon, to our Miami facility, will further extend our considerable existing capabilities, which include:

  • 12' x 1/2” CNC shear
  • 22-ton turret punch
  • 14', 220-ton CNC press brake
  • 6'-wide rolls

What sets us apart isn't just our equipment, however. It's our expertise. Having been in business for almost a century, we draw on a rich legacy of craftsmanship.

True craftsmanship blends technical ability with feel and flair. While computerization provides a great tool, it needs to be matched with a sense of artistry to ensure the best results that only experience can bring. Our teams are all AWS-certified in MIG and TIG welding, including portable welding.

We're skilled with all metals: brass, copper, pewter, zinc, and of course, steel—aged, blackened, stainless.

We bring our professionalism and precision to every job, large or small.

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